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Topic 2.1: Visualizing Data (Frequency Tables, charts, and graphs)

Topic 2.1 focuses on representing quantitative data using visuals such as frequency tables, charts, and graphs.

Suggested Readings:


  1. understand how to construct frequency distributions (frequency tables) 
  2. understand how to select appropriate charts for variables 
  3. understand how to read complex charts and data visualizations 
  4. create frequency tables in SPSS 
  5. properly read frequency distributions in SPSS to describe data 
  6. choose appropriate charts in SPSS for single variables 

Suggested Practice: 

Objectives Check:

  1. What does the distribution of a variable mean?
  2. What type of variable works best for a histogram?
  3. Are you able to create a frequency table?
  4. Are you able to correctly read a frequency table created in SPSS?

Suggested SPSS Homework: