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Topic 4: Dispersion or Variation

Topic 4 deals with measures of variation or dispersion. 

Suggested Readings

  • Healey, Chapter 4: Measures of Variation
  • Bennett, Chapter 4: Central Tendency & Dispersion

Lesson Objectives 

  • understand measures of dispersion be able to determine appropriate measures of dispersion for variables 
  • understand how to apply central tendency and dispersion as related concepts 


Topic 4.1: Measures of Dispersion ppt 


Suggested Homework

    Objectives Check

    1. What are the three main measures of central tendency?
    2. What are the main measures of variation or dispersion?

    Suggested SPSS Homework

    • be able to recode a variable to create new variables 
    • be able to report appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion in SPSS