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SPSS 01: Survey & Data Collection

The assignment introduces students to SPSS by first having them create a short survey. Creating a survey gives students first hand experience with what it is like to undertake a quantitative research project from the very beginning. Students then distribute the survey to collect their own data. Finally, students enter their data into SPSS to create a small dataset. 

Working with their own smaller, more manageable datasets eases students into SPSS. Students can then apply the lessons they learn from creating their own datasets when the begin working with larger datasets.

Eventually, student datasets are then combined to create a larger "Class Dataset". Again, this step-by-step process allows students to work with smaller datasets that are familiar to them before moving onto a larger dataset such as the GSS. 

Once the survey has been created, students should print 10 copies of the Class Survey and collect their data.

SPSS HMWK #1: Survey and Data Collection (embedded here) and Class Survey