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SPSS resources

Unfortunately, SPSS is prohibitively expensive. However, there are several options for completing the SPSS homework.
  1. Use the computer labs at the college. All Hunter computer labs have SPSS installed. Please check their website for locations and times. Also see this FAQ page about accessing SPSS.
  2. CUNY is now offering access to some of these programs via a CUNY Virtual Desktop App. This app allows students to use SPSS from their home computers. Please check the site and follow directions to see how to access SPSS.
  3. Rent SPSS GradPack for 6 mths. Remember that there are usually several versions of SPSS, rent the "SPSS GradPack" for your correct computer. Keep in mind that your computer must meet certain requirements for SPSS to run properly (see FAQ page about accessing SPSS). Prices range from $35-$60.
  4. Use PSPP (a freeware version that is designed to look and function like SPSS). Unfortunately, I will not be able to give you support on how to use PSPP, but it should look a lot like SPSS.